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Clara and Armand made their first tracks for the retirement of the librarian from their art school in Paris. Beginning the collaboration which brought them to post a few tracks on Soundcloud and a first single 'Prettiest Virgin' in April.

Staying mysterious for the release of their first EP 'Cardan' this September 28th. More rough than their single, the silky & roaring voice of Clara mixes perfectly with Armand's drum machine and those 90's keyboards.
Hammering with acid basses, the tandem brings us to an "early warp" sound between Daniel Malaso, Black Devil Disco & Ariel Pink.

'Cardan' EP is a journey into a fantasy of America, but also into a world of Synthesis where nothing is clear, all our orientations are scrambled. Nobody has control. The virgin forget herself, the princess is drowning but the parrot knows everything.

"Give me Goose Bumps..." whispers Clara, the skin contracts, we are looking for high sensations to let go. "Cuidado, Eclipse..." Astral dreams & a night chase meet a world between real & unreal where kitsch is being refined.

Influenced equally by pop & techno, Agar Agar is nonchalant while elegant at the same time. Their music tries to be sincere, radical & without compromise.

Agar Agar

Agar Agar