• MK: New Single '17'
    31 Aug, 2017 news

    Marc Kinchen aka MK's new single '17', is released on Friday 1st September.


  • Kim Ann Foxman: Good Room Podcast
    17 Aug, 2017 news

    Kim Ann Foxman provides a DJ mix for the Good Room Podcast, it's 100th edition.


  • Kim Ann Foxman: Special Guest On 'Transitions'
    18 Jul, 2017 news

    Kim Ann Foxman was the special guest on 'Transitions' with John Digweed.


  • Cerrone: At Sonar Festival Barcelona
    03 Jul, 2017 news

    Cerrone at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, and Aluna.


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  • Agar Agar: 'Prettiest Virgin' Remixed
    28 Jun, 2017 news

    Agar Agar's track 'Prettiest Virgin' has been remixed by Myth Syzer.


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  • Kim Ann Foxman: Featured In i-D
    21 Jun, 2017 news

    i-D magazine features Decked Out artist Kim Ann Foxman in a fashion feature with designer Tatsuro Horikawa.


  • SONAR: Saturday 17th June
    17 Jun, 2017 news

    Appearing tonight at the SONAR music creativity & technology festival in Barcelona, will be Decked Out & Primary Talent artists...

    ...Justice - (Sonar Club)
    ...Cerrone - (Sonar Club)
    ...Vitalic - (Sonar Pub)
    ...Keys N Krates - (Sonar Village)


  • My House At Pacha 2017
    26 May, 2017 news

    Martin Solveig's My House at Pacha Ibiza this season will include the following Decked Out artists.

    ...Boston Bun
    ...Boys Noize
    ...Busy P
    ...KC Lights


  • Ben Pearce: Essential Mix On BBC Radio 1
    15 May, 2017 news

    Ben Pearce presents the Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. Click link below to listen.


  • Mind Against: Remix Hakimonu's 'Insular Realms'
    08 May, 2017 news

    Mind Against have remixed Hakimonu's new track 'Insular Realms', available now on Black Crow.


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  • Made In America Festival
    02 May, 2017 news

    Jay Z's 'Made In America' festival in Philadelphia takes place on 2nd & 3rd September and these Primary Talent International & Decked Out artists are on the line up.

    ...Green Velvet
    ...Beach Slang


  • Miss Kittin: At Arte Concert Festival
    27 Apr, 2017 news

    Miss Kittin in session at the Arte Concert Festival in Paris.


  • Blond:ish: Deliver A Mix For Balance Selections
    24 Apr, 2017 news

    Blond:ish have delivered an exclusive sixty minute podcast & interview for Balance Selections.


  • Alinka & Shaun J Wright: 'Time For Action' EP
    22 Apr, 2017 news

    Alinka & Shaun J Wright's new 8-track 'Time For Action' EP, is available now from Beatport, on 'Heidi presents Jackathon Jams'.


  • MELT Festival 2017
    20 Apr, 2017 news

    MELT Festival's 20th edition, will take place at Ferropolis, Germany from 14th-16th July, Primary Talent & Decked Out artists taking part will be...

    Friday 14th July
    ...Kate Tempest

    Saturday 15th July
    ...Red Axes

    Sunday 16th July


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  • Martin Buttrich: New Album 'Collaborator Vol.1'
    31 Mar, 2017 news

    Martin Buttrich's new album 'Collaborator Vol.1', featuring his co-productions with a whole host of special guests, is released today.
    See the preview in Resident Adviser.


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  • Ben Pearce: Balance Selections 035
    08 Mar, 2017 news

    Ben Pearce is featured in the Balance Selections, selecting his top tracks.


  • Ben Pearce: New 'Acension' EP
    02 Mar, 2017 news

    'Crescent (Running)' from Ben Pearce's forthcoming 'Acension' EP, is premiered in Clash Music, in which he is also interviewed.


  • MELT Festival 2017
    19 Feb, 2017 news

    MELT Festival will take place on the Ferropolis site near Grafenhainchen in Germany from 14th-16th July.
    From the Primary Talent & Decked Out rosters, the following artists will be appearing.

    ...Kate Tempest
    ...Red Axes


  • Sonar Hong Kong 2017
    09 Feb, 2017 news

    The debut edition of Sonar Hong Kong will take place at the Hong Kong Science Park on 1st April. Artists from the Primary Talent International & Decked Out rosters taking part will be:

    ...Dave Clarke
    ...Mind Against
    ...Ivy Lab


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