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Born 1996 in Brisbane and raised in Port Macquarie, Kita developed an early love for music and started singing and playing the guitar when she was just 8 years old. Inspired by the rockers of the 80's, Kita cites Tom Petty, Rodriguez, Patti Smith, Lou Reed and Joe Cocker as some of her early influences.

In her youth, Kita spent many days with her mum at her fruit stall on Port Macquarie market, where she passed the time by busking with covers of the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Queen. By the age of 12 she was already writing her own songs on guitar.

At fifteen, Kita joined the open mic circuit, eventually becoming a resident performer and booking paid gigs. Kita was in such high demand that she ended up playing an average of four shows a weekend. Realising writing songs and performing was her passion, Kita ended up leaving school to pursue music. She then started traveling and playing gigs between Brisbane and Sydney.

Having grown up on Australia's east coast it is of no surprise that Kita is an avid surfer. On her 18th birthday she moved to surfer's paradise Byron where she spent every day on the beach - but soon realised to focus more on music she had to leave the waves and get to Sydney.

Commuting between Byron and Sydney she wrote 'My Own Way' with Nicky Night Time from Van She. She began working with more friends, such as The Delta Riggs and Touch Sensitive. Using her savings from over the years, Kita packed up and traveled to London and Los Angeles to continue collaborating with fellow songwriters and artists.

Kita Alexander

Kita Alexander