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Majestic has always been a man of many talents, DJ / Producer / MC being the tagline but few actually realised the extent of his musical ability until 'Live in the Place'.

Majestic plays an 18 track set list completely live with his 3-piece band; Majestic himself either playing guitar, keys, pads, or as the vocal front man he is famous for.

Not only that but he has written and produced almost every single song one of the 18 songs performed featuring the likes of Kyla, Karen Harding, Jungle70 and Kelsey.

The amount of talent demonstrated by this man is the equivalent to the likes of DJ EZ, Example and Sigma in one person, in one live show experience, having written nearly every single piece of music played.

Majestic opens the show with his heavy metal inspired 'Live in the Place Intro' showing his early roots in the genre, to his UKG cult anthem 'Let's Go Back' championed by EZ and performed on Boiler Room, shocking a pleasantly surprised, young and emphatic crowd, rapping every word back to him.

Majestic performs a rollercoaster of collabs through the genres he's effected including his huge EDM track 'POGO' with Laidback Luke.

Other official Majestic remixes such as garage classic 'Flowers' by Sweet Female Attitude featuring Majestic playing purely on keys alongside Kelsey for a special throwback leading into the full Majestic mix.

Closing the show with his new single 'Raised in the 90s' it is clear the experience of playing with the likes of the UKG Allstars at 02 Arena for Redbull Culture Clash, touring sold out dates with Sigma and Majestic's presence dominating his DJ shows, as well as hosting for the best DJs in the game, has now opened up the next stage of his live experience.

Majestic's 'Live in the Place' is a multi-genre, high energy, live show journey, personified.

Majestic Live In The Place

Majestic Live In The Place