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We're pleased to share the news that singer-songwriter Mirel Wagner has joined the Sub Pop roster.

Mirel Wagner was raised in Finland. The music that she creates melds subversive lyricism that touches on themes of love and death against a backdrop of spare and minimalist folk music. Chances are you've heard Mirel Wagner via her self-titled debut, released in Europe via Bone Voyage Recordings, and in the US 2012 via Friendly Fire Recordings. That album, led by the singles and videos for 'No Death' and 'Joe' earned the singer-songwriter acclaim from the likes of NPR Music, New York Times, Time, The Guardian, PASTE, FILTER, Pitchfork, Stereogum, Vogue, USA Today, Gorilla Vs Bear, and more.

Mirel Wagner will release her label debut this summer worldwide via Sub Pop.

What People Have Said About Mirel Wagner:

"Mirel Wagner possesses a curious physicality both in her lyrical conjurings and in the confident agility of her guitar playing, which together sound distinctive, specific, and personal even when considered against the decades of acoustic folk music that has come before..."

"It's about as sparse as a recording can be: just Ms. Wagner singing and picking her acoustic guitar, though a few organ notes may be lurking in the background of a song called 'Red'. Her voice is girlish, innocent and solemn; her songs slowly circle through two or three chords. And in those starkly impassive settings she sings about suicides (more than one song), despair, nightmares, monsters and, in 'No Death', necrophilia..."
New York Times

"really beautiful recordings and songs..."
Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), on 'Vampire Blues'

"unpretentious, gloomy, clever and compelling..."
The Times, ****

"sparse, convincingly gothic, gender flipping tales of the macabre..."
Mojo, ****

"stark, poetic, with an echo of danger..."
Uncut, ****

Mirel Wagner

Mirel Wagner